Electronic Engineering

ABC leader in test bench has, through the acquisition of CAPRA, skills and experience in the manufacture and production of electronic cards.

In the world of the special machine some demands exceed or do not match with the characteristics of standard components. In this case ABC is able to meet these needs.

ABC has electronic card standards, such as voltage current measurements (with high response times), PWM boxes, encoder cards, relay cards, filter cards, for example.

With its experience, ABC is able to answer to the customer on specific needs, such as adapted charge cards, or current or voltage regulation boxes.

Our electronic department also supports project managers in the current projects but also our customers for after-sales service needs.

Other Services

  • Electrical Engineering

    ABC leader in test bench has a very well experienced electrical design office with technicians trained under SEE ELECTRICAL Expert level 2. The electrical design office is working on a

  • Automation Engineering

    ABC leader in test bench has a highly skilled automation service with technicians trained on different PLC platforms and displays from major manufacturers such as SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, IFM, OMRON, PROFACE,