Mechanical engineering

Depending on the applications of our customers we offer a very wide range of technical solutions of assemblies and / or mechanical subassemblies with various characteristics.

ABC offers a wide range of solutions ranging from micro-mechanics to large systems, based on standard solutions already developed and / or customized solutions as needed by the customer.

The following aspects are commonly dealt with (but not exclusively):

  • Static and dynamic mechanical resistance
  • Own frequency calculations
  • Fatigue
  • Damage
  • System with reduced games (even without play)
  • Dimensioning systems with fixed and / or variable stiffness
  • Interfacing dimensioning with customer parts of all kinds
  • Calculation files

The ABC team of qualified mechanical engineers and designers, while relying on a strong experience, uses tools such as:

  • 3D CAD
  • Static resistance calculation codes
  • Natural frequency search calculation code
  • Use of the properties of different materials

In addition, ABC has developed a wide range of skills in adapting different treatments to customer applications, thus enabling us to meet all application and environment specificities. Particular attention is paid to the environmental aspect.

Other Services

  • Software Engineering

    Depending on the applications of our customers we offer the possibility of adding to the mechanical-hydraulic-pneumatic parts of the benches a computer control / command system. Computer control systems can

  • Electronic Engineering

    ABC leader in test bench has, through the acquisition of CAPRA, skills and experience in the manufacture and production of electronic cards. In the world of the special machine some