ABC designs and develops many components or functions to best meet the requirements of the needs in the special functions required in the test facilities.

Essentially, these are hydraulic components that cover all types of fluids from very low pressure to very high pressure in a very wide scope of flow ranges.

For example, the following components are found:

  • Spring relief valves

  • Membrane relief valves

  • All types of cocks and manual valves

  • Specific pumps

  • Motorized valves with pneumatic control

  • Motorized valves with hydraulic control

  • Motorized valves with electric control

  • Motorized valves with electro-hydraulic control

  • Hydraulic manifolds equipped with progressive valves

  • Piping tips and fittings

With its range of components, ABC offers solutions that are as close as possible to the requirements of the test bench market.


ABC has a very wide range of components and functions.

These components have been developed over the years to respond primarily to the internal needs of our fabrications and thereafter to meet customer needs.

Its components are the fruit of an own work and a cooperation with our partners.

The range of ABC products is very broad and consists of four main families:

  • Special test means components

  • Valves, fittings, etc.

  • Special heat exchangers

  • Components for water treatment

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Find some of our components in the downloadable catalogs below

Many of the standard components developed for test benches are available in our catalogs. Consult us for any standard or specific request.