ABC Software : ORCHID

To meet the management requirements of the Control / Command / Acquisition part of our test benches, ABC has designed and developed its own standard and reliable software package: ORCHID.

Easy to access and requiring no IT expertise, it is the result of many years of experience in the field of tests and measurements on aeronautical and other equipments.

The ABC software, developed under LabView¬ģ and CVI¬ģ by NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS, allows the control and the supervision of our test benches, the acquisition and the data processing. Developed and made reliable by our teams, interfaces and functionalities appear ergonomic and user-friendly. It provides access to a wide range of possibilities, from exporting data to Microsoft Excel¬ģ to integrating complex measurement systems. Developed to offer great flexibility for our customers, the ORCHID software package is designed to facilitate its evolution.

The functions available, completely reliable, allow clear and user-friendly presentations of the adaptation test sequences, by quick customization to the control / command of any type of bench.

  • Sending setpoints (analog, digital)

  • Acquisition of measures

  • Management of alarms and faults

  • Access to the macro-command library to create or modify tests

  • Management of the recording and storage of the various parameters

  • PV editing and test reports

ORCHID supports many other functions, such as real-time functions, or dialog on digital buses, etc. The constantly evolving software is adding new features over time.

For 30 years CAPRA has been developing software solutions for test benches, more specifically dedicated to specific automotive applications.

This particular software developed using National Instruments LabView¬ģ and CVI¬ģ products, can achieve specific functions such as endurance or reliability.

ABC maintains this software and carries the evolutions when necessary.

ABC ensures the monitoring and maintenance of these software’s (CASTOR and ORCHID) in order to ensure continuous functioning of the benches on which they are in application.


ABC-CAPRA develops and maintains bench software. Contact us for any software operation on test benches.