Software Engineering

Depending on the applications of our customers we offer the possibility of adding to the mechanical-hydraulic-pneumatic parts of the benches a computer control / command system.

Computer control systems can be broken down in many different ways, in the sense of the system architecture.

ABC has developed several solutions in terms of architecture, allowing, among others but not only, to offer, as standard, an acquisition and / or control system:

  • under PC
  • under PXI
  • under PC and / or PXI with real-time applications
  • under PC or PXI and supplemented by PLC management
  • under PC or PXI and supplemented by real-time PLC management

These computer systems are developed via products that are available on the market.

To complete the offer, ABC has developed libraries to interact with customer equipment on CAN, LIN, ARINC, etc. networks, in addition to typical Ethernet networks, etc., or more proprietary networks for components standard used in our benches.

From this important base, the ABC computer engineering team is able to offer standard solutions as tailor-made solutions.

Other Services

  • Automation Engineering

    ABC leader in test bench has a highly skilled automation service with technicians trained on different PLC platforms and displays from major manufacturers such as SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, IFM, OMRON, PROFACE,

  • Mechanical engineering

    Depending on the applications of our customers we offer a very wide range of technical solutions of assemblies and / or mechanical subassemblies with various characteristics. ABC offers a wide